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Starter Package I 

Item # Complete Starter Package
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This Pro DJ package includes:

(1) Technical Pro DMX-2 CD Player & Mixer Combo

(1 Set) Technical Pro ROX Powered Speaker Set

(1) Technical Pro Dual Cup pair of Headphones

(1) 25ft Speak-on to 1/4 Speaker Cable
(1) 25ft XLR to XLR Signal Cable
*All cables included

Technical Pro DMX2

Model: DMX2
Description: Professional Double CD 2 Channel Mixer
Color: Black

Hey DJ! This is the mixer you want if you need a box that can rock the house all night long! Built with the same quality design and forward thinking technology that we can expect from this team this mixer goes above and beyond, providing the DJ with every tool needed to keep your crowd dancing and smiling. The DMX2 Professional Double CD 2 Channel Mixer is an all in one CD mixer built with a rugged design meant to hold up in the club while keeping the place hot!

Connect this mixer to your set up from the back panel using the balanced XLR, RCA master out and RCA record out outputs. Utilize the rack mountable design and easily integrate this into your mobile rig or DJ coffin. Easily load 2 different CDs into the front loading CD decks. Connect a microphone and have the ability to talk to your crowd while mixing! All of the controls are very sensitive and have a smooth, solid movement and action to them. In a dark night club everything will remain illuminated and allow you to easily see what you are doing while mixing. The unit allows for up to 20 Programmable play tracks. If you are a professional DJ then you plan your sets according to what type of crowd you expect you can pre-program 20 tracks to play and have continuous music based on the crowd’s needs!

Built for the seasoned professional DJ and for the DJ that is just starting out, the DMX2 has all the features you will ever need! Make a loop on the fly, use the rubberized jog wheel to cue your tracks, EQ your songs using the bass, mid and treble tone controls per each channel, pitch your music up or down and match your beats using the seamless pitch control…you will feel the quality build ever time you cut the fader! These are the tools that separate the person that just “plays” music from the DJs come to rock the house!

Aligned with Technical Pro’s rugged design and long lasting build for all their gear, the DMX2 has a built-in anti shock system the helps prevent any skipping or playback issues. The sound output utilizes an analog to digital converter at 24 bits with 8 times oversampling which means this bad boy will sound thick and full, lighting up any room with that “Big Room” club sound DJs strive to achieve! If you are a DJ and need a reliable, quality built mixer that can do it all, this is for you…and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Inputs: RCA, (2 audio sources with phone/stereo selector) MP3 / iPod
Outputs: XLR (balanced), RCA (master, record output)
Dual Microphone inputs (1/4'', XLR)
Seamless loop and reloop (in & out)
Fader start / relay
Digital / analog converter: 24 bits
Iridescent blue LED level meter
Single/continuous, repeat, program (20 programmable play tracks)Rubberized jog wheels provide a sensitive touch
Tone controls (bass, mid, treble and gain)
Cue, search and pitch controls
Replaceable crossfader
Illuminated control buttons
Anti-shock system helps prevent skipping
Signal to noise ratio: >90dB
THD: <.01%
Crosstalk (1KHz)>70dB
Dynamic Range (1KHz)>80dB
Rack Mountable
Pitch control: ±12%
Lineal quantification: 24 bits
Oversampling rate: 8x
Mic input
Auto Voltage
dimensions: 19'' w 10'' h 4.75'' d
weight: 15 lbs

Technical Pro Powered ROX-12 Package
(1) Technical Pro Powered ROX12 12" 2-Way ABS Plastic Molded Speaker
(this speaker powers itself and the other with its built-in amp)
(1) Technical Pro Passive ROX12 12" 2-Way ABS Plastic Molded Speaker
(this speaker gets powered by the other speaker)

1800 Watt Peak Power for System - Built in amplifier - 12inch 2-way speakers

Each Speaker
Description: ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker
Color: Black

In an audio studio, club or venue setting the speakers are the last piece of equipment that will hold your sound before it hits the listener. Some argue it is the most important piece of gear in the chain. The engineers at Technical Pro have provided the PROX Series to insure your chain remains strong from beginning to end! Utilizing cutting edge technology and built with high quality and ever-lasting parts, the PROX12 ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker will properly translate your sound and remain consistent in the most rugged conditions. The PROX series is a step up from the competition and you will surely hear and feel the difference! The PROX series is perfect for setting up a professional sound system in a nightclub, live stage, auditorium, lounge or set it up in your yard or deck and impress your guests at your next party!

The PROX12 is a 2 way powered loudspeaker with a peak power of 900 watts. There is no need for another amplifier…the amp is built in! The outside casing is built to withstand harsh conditions and will hold up in transit and live on stage. The insides hold a 12” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil and 50oz. magnet and a horn with a 1.34” voice coil and 15oz. magnet. The two way design will send your low frequencies to the woofer and your highs to the horn. The 900 watts of pure power will give you that sweet “club” sound that you are after! You will be pushing some serious beats and rhythms with this bad boy!

Take your show on the road with the PROX12. The built-in amplifier makes the PROX12 a must have for any mobile DJ.

The PROX12 has both XLR and 1/4” microphone inputs. Plug in a microphone and talk over the music or have a vocal performance live…you don’t need a whole PA system…just plug in and go! Additional line inputs are available in the form of RCA and XLR. Plug in your source…connect up your house mixer, CD player or DJ mixer, etc. There is no need for an amplifier since the PROX is a powered speaker…the amp built in will give you the power you need! Located on the speaker is a clipping indicator that will help you alleviate any distortion. There is also an active speakon output connection…this will allow you to send your signal to another speaker without the need for amplifier. These are the type of options you need in a professional sound environment!

You can stack this speaker, mount it to a pole using the pole mount or angle it on the floor with the angled floor mounts that are included or in other words, YOU CAN SET THIS UP ANYWHERE! If you are looking for a professional loudspeaker with quality parts and an assurance that it will not fail even in the most hectic conditions, the PROX12 ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker is what you need! And at a price that is very affordable!

900 watts peak power
Built-in Amplifier
Woofer: 12'', 2.5'' voice coil, 50 oz. magnet
Horn: 1.34'' voice coil, 15 oz. magnet
Sensitivity: 94 +/-2dB
Frequency Response: 45Hz-18.5KHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
Microphone Inputs: 1/4'', XLR
Line Inputs: RCA, XLR
Active Speaker Output: Speakon
Clipping indicator
Trapezoidal speaker cabinet
Perforated steel grill
Pole Mount
Integral carry handle
Angled monitor floor mounts included
Dimensions: 16.5''w x 22.6''h x 12.5''d
Weight: 35.3 lbs
110-220V Switchable

Technical Pro Dual Cup pair of Headphones

Technical Pro H-2

Technical Pro's groundbreaking new approach to industrial design incorporates advanced technology and striking good looks with rugged construction and a long list of features, providing years of audio enjoyment.

· Click, Fold and Flip for quick and simple transport

· Newly developed microfiber diaphragm for pinpoint sound reproduction

· Equal Left/Right cable connections to ensure sound integrity

· Light weight design and plush earpads eliminate any discomfort

· Volume control built into headphone cable

· 3.5mm (9/64 in) gold plated stereo mini plug

· 6.35mm (¼ in) adapter also included

· Maximum input: 1,300 mW

· Sensitivity: 103 dB/dB

· Frequency Response: 8Hz-40kHz

· 5 Foot cable

· Weight: 1 lbs


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