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The following are helpful tips on how beginners can build their own DJ equipment  using various DJ manufacturers equipment.

If you are a novice in the field of DJ'ing, this can be a difficult task because you are new, and you will think twice before you splurge extra cash on stuff that's supposed to be your hobby. I have included a number of DJ equipment that can assist you in clearing your mind.

From my own experience, I can let you know that you should not worry regarding DJ equipments. These tips about DJ gear will get rid of all your second thoughts.
We will get directly towards building DJ set using my personally chosen DJ gear without considering the thought about “DJ inside the box.”

The major question that you have to ask yourself would be "how will I use my DJ equipment and in what competence? How much will I spend to purchase this gear? Where can I purchase this entire set of DJ equipment, and the most important thing would be what is the DJ equipment that I need?" below are the lists of the tips regarding DJ equipment to shed light on all queries and a lot more questions concerning this issue.

For instance you wanted to become an all around DJ; if it means that you aspire to become a Club DJ and doing battles against other DJs in town. You must provide your own self a budget worth say $750. You may found out that DJ Sound Systems features the best and top of the line selection of DJ gears that comes in reasonable prices.

Before anything, allow me to clear one thing up to you completely. There are no replacements for high quality and high end DJ equipment. You will only be joking if you believe that you can become a professional DJ using cheaper and low class DJ gear. If given a chance and you choose this profession as your pastime then you are in the right place.

If at this time you wish to choose your DJ equipment you want to make certain that you are getting the appropriate DJ gear.

Tips For Choosing Your Reliable DJ Equipment

Always bear in mind your budget before buying DJ equipments. You must purchase DJ gear that suit your needs therefore turntables such as Numark-TT200 as well as Stanton-T.92-USB  are meant for experts and should be taken for granted by novice like you.

Dual Turntable for DJs

stanton t92.gif - 8.08 Kb

 Stanton T.92 USB Turntable

Tips for Buying DJ equipments – Bear in mind that you require turntables that are DIRECT-DRIVEN. These models of turntables feature the best and top of the line torque intended for cue recordings. The Stanton T.92 Direct Drive Turntable possessed sufficient power to allow aspiring DJ to get started at the price of $287.99.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These ST series of turntables only costs considerably more plus it includes a USB to transfer songs digitally towards your computer.

***These models of turntables feature arms of straight tone that are created basically for scratching. Whenever you wish to scratch your music and then mix it, you must upgrade your equipment similar to Stanton St-150 Digital Turntable With S Tone Arm because it has the tone arm in S-shape.***

I will prefer the T.92 because it is affordable for budget conscious DJs.

Slip mats

Tip for this DJ equipment - Create your personal DJ slip mats from felt which will cost you for only $5. Visit any fabric store in your place and purchase merely 2 yards of this fabric.

Trace the line on the left and outline it using a chalk intended for fabric or you could use a marker then cut the outline. You can have a perfect usable slip mat in an instant.

If you know what type of plastic your vinyl is made from then you can cut the similar size to serve as your slip mat? Just place it on top of your turntable platter and put your personally made slip mat on top of it. It can lessen the friction created.

You must purchase DJ cartridges for the fact that these turntables do not include any.
The following are my suggestions that are available for $116.97 each pair along with additional stylus.

Ortofon Concorde Pro S Set Cartridge With 1 Extra Stylus

Ortofon-Concorde-Pro-S-Set-Cartridge-With-1-Extra-Stylus2.jpg - 9.22 Kb 

Tip for this DJ equipment – Always follow the guidelines provided by manufacturers when you install any DJ cartridge. Battle and Club DJs have their various settings.

Numark X6 Dj Mixer with Effects

 numark-x6.jpg - 17.48 Kb

  Tip for this DJ equipment

Single DJ mixer

– Always follow the guidelines provided by manufacturers when you install any DJ cartridge. Battle and Club DJs have their various settings.

Numark X6 Dj Mixer with Effects

This DJ mixer is available at $275.99.

Tip #42 for this DJ equipment - Start your DJ mixer slowly. Determine all the features needed to maximize the skills to become a DJ while you create them. After that you can try experimenting like cutting music and mixing them using various settings. You can also try to enhance your unique style of mixing music.

Up to now the total price for creating your own DJ set would be $680.9through creating your personal slip mats you saved $40 which brings the total to $680.95.

 Tips for this DJ equipment

A Pair Of Headphones For DJs

Last portion. Because you lack any budget to spend, then you can check affordable headphones that will suit your budget.

The American Audio Hp 700 model of headphones are considered low end double A model however these are half the price models for other manufacturers in the market. These products only cost for $67.

American Audio Hp 700 Professional High-Powered Headphones


american-audio-hp700.jpg - 9.54 Kb


DJ headphones must be lightweight so that ear fatigue is lessened and have the closed ear design so that you can avoid any interference from out while you are doing your mix.

Supposing you can have the chance to strengthen this DJ set like a stereo system then be it.

The grand total of your DJ set for beginners is $747.95 with no slip mats included. This is a bit over the budget but free shipping makes it more appealing. This price is suited to your target budget which is $747.95. The incurred cost is not bad for individuals who are building their very first set as a DJ using various DJ equipments. Well done!


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